Sunday, February 9, 2014

Automation of your digital photo frame

Recently I developed a number of automation options allowing to start a slideshow on your command. These features are premium only mostly because of the needed permissions. The same and more advanced setup's can be achieved by using another app as tasker or ( autostart. Having the basic options in the app itself removes the need of these other apps.

The most important setting is if you want to start the slideshow when opening the app. This needs to be enabled together with the other options to start the slideshow directly, otherwise folder selection appears. This option is also available for the other versions of the app.
The possibilities to start the app are
* During device start automatically launch digital photo frame.
* At a certain start hour, launch the app (e.g. at 9 am)
* When charging starts or the device gets docked (e.g. you dock it in the office or at a visible place at home)

Disabling the start and end hour option is done by reverting to 0 hour 0 minutes.