Monday, February 4, 2013

New photo frame version 5.6.1

Highlights of this version are:
  • Transitions : Next to fade-in/fade-out, there is also a dissolve transition which shows the two photos blended together. More transitions to come ..., I'm open to suggestions.
  • Completely redone recent slideshows. There is now the possibility to
    • Rename the slideshow to whatever you want
    • Delete the slideshow from the list
    • Start the slideshow using the button next to the slideshow
    • Go to the folder represented by this slideshow. This is a very useful feature if you often show photos from a subfolder of a certain location.
  • The recent now has a (R) at the end to indicate it is a recursive slideshow.
  • UPnP should now retrieve the photo with the best resolution instead of just the first one (depending on the server this would be an ok one or just a thumbnail)
  • Unreadable photos crashed the app, this will now show nothing instead.
  • Fixes the bugs introduced in 5.6 impacting a lot of users, sorry for this.